Volume Discounts at Wellness Center

Apparently the Wellness Center is offering a promotional program where groups can get a discount. For 10 people there is a 10% discount, for 15 a 15% discount and for 20 or more a 20% discount – that’s $100 off an annual membership. The catch, you all have to join on the same day.

So think about it and we will take a poll at the December meeting, or you can email the Mail Box.


I can’t wait for our December meeting in Peterborough – We get to see a movie and after enjoy some delicious appetizers.

  1. Cucumber Dill Dip with pita chips, vegan crackers or cut up fresh veggies
  2. Sweet Potato Hummus with baked pita or crackers
  3. An assortment of fresh cut up fruit on a tray such as pineapple, tangerine sections, grapes, strawberries (serve with toothpicks)

Healthy Meal Planning Toolkit

Imagine my joy coming across this powerful time and stress reducer. Courtesy of Heart & Stroke Canada three weeks of healthy menu ideas. This takes some stress out of meal planning and sets you up for success with this toolkit. You get time-saving tips, shopping lists, healthy recipes and more. We are going to add some of these to our future meal plans. This will also be added to the Eating Well page. Each menu is linked to a page with detailed ingredients and preparation instructions.

Download the toolkit