Peterborough Events (2018 – 2019 Archive)

Below are a record of the meetings held so far in 2018.

JanuaryEducation talk- Exercise and Heart/Vascular Disease

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This was an open meeting at the Wellness Center. Our alumni were joined by some members of the current rehab class at that point and some graduates from Cobourg Rehab classes. This was an educational talk from one of the therapists at the Central East LHIN.

The Exercise Therapist lead us through how vascular disease develops; discussed risk factors for vascular disease, and how exercise aids in preventing, halting and reversing heart disease.

February – Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

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Our guest for the February event was Dr. W. Shane Williams who operates the Williams Cardiology & Wellness Medical Centre in Bracebridge ON.

Dr. Williams spoke about the potential of a whole food plant-based diet to stabilize, improve and sometimes reverse many chronic conditions including elevated blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, coronary heart disease and diabetes. He has modified his own diet and incorporated nutritional education and training into the care of his clinic patients.  Dr. Williams provided the group with the following additional references:

  • Video:
    • Forks over Knives – Netflix
  • Books:
    • The China Study by T.Colin Campbell and Dr. Thomas M. Campbell (available on
    • The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall (available on or
    • Engine 2 Cookbook and other books by Rip Esselstyn (available on
  • Websites:

March – No meeting in March due to the close timing of the February Meeting

April  – Cardiac Medications – Q&A with a Pharmacist

One of our own alumni peers who is a pharmacist spoke about cardiac medications. His focus was on the medications the peer group inquired about. He gathered this information through an anonymous survey. There was ample time for Q&A. It was a very helpful and highly interactive session. An information summary on the landscape of medications is provided at the link below.

Cardiac Medications

May  – Staying Active 

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This meeting was an interactive discussion on what each of us do to get our heart healthy activity in. This was framed as the 150 – 300 minute challenge.

Various peer group members presented what they do to stay active. Below is a presentation highlighting Peterborough’s outdoor activity venues.

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