Peterborough Events (2017 – 2018 Archive)

This page recaps the events the peer group had in 2017. Feel free to download any of our meeting material. Meetings are attended by invitation only and those who join the peer group will receive communication inviting them to upcoming events.

January 2017 – Life After Rehab

This meeting had presentations from long term graduates of a cardiac rehab program. Attendees learned about some of the challenges of staying on track and there was a healthy discussion among the group about ways of staying on track. The presentation material can be accessed here;

Risk Factors And Tips For Staying On Track

February 2017 – Heart & Stroke Society

The peer group was fortunate to have the Area Manager of the Heart& Stroke Society for our market, as a guest speaker. The speaker was inspirational and highly motivating to the group. She explained the research showing 8 of 10 cases of premature heart disease & stroke is preventable through healthy lifestyle behaviors.  If anyone lacked motivation to keep up their heart healthy lifestyle they got it at this meeting. The speaker suffered a cardiac arrest at the age of twenty nine and has lived with an internal defibrillator for over a decade. She is married now and raising a family. A link to The Heart & Stroke Society website is here for your convenience. The Get Healthy tab is of particular interest.

Heart & Stroke Society

March  – Cardiac Rehabilitation & Heart Healthy Eating

This alumni meeting was held at the Wellness Center and it included some patients that were in the six month rehab program with the Central East LHIN. The Medical Director of the rehab program spoke about the Central East LHIN Program and included some interesting information on reversing heart disease through a heart healthy lifestyle. Also at this meeting was the Central East LHIN Dietician. The Dietician spoke about heart healthy eating in a fun interactive session.

May  – Cardiac Medications – Q&A with a Pharmacist

The lead Pharmacist with Sobey on Landsdowne spoke with us about cardiac medications. This took the form of a full ninety minute Q&A session. It was a very helpful and highly interactive session. A handout on the landscape of medications was provided.

Cardiac Medications

June  – Resistance Training – Major Health Benefits Complimentary to Aerobics

One thing most alumni admit is that they do not keep up a regular routine of resistance training. At the June meeting all participants were asked to bring their therapeutic bands with them. After the “lecture” on the science and benefits of resistance training each alumni took turns leading the rest of the group in some exercises. There was a lot of laughter when we looked at each other’s form while exercising. The material from the meeting is available below.

Resistance Training

September – Graduates Survey Results and Getting Back on Track

Throughout the summer months the alumni participated in two surveys. One was to measure just how well they were staying on track with heart health lifestyles. The second survey was to provide their input into the mission of the group. The results of the mission survey led to the building of this website and the writing of the mission as shown on the Home page.

The survey clearly showed that a high % of grads, for one reason or another have lapsed in maintaining aspects of a heat healthy lifestyle, some significantly. The meeting was used to introduce a goal setting form which isolated opportunity areas for getting back on track. The group formed buddy pairs to share their plans for getting back on track.

Grad Survey Results To September 2017

October – Grocery Store Tour

The Wellness Coordinator at Sobeys led us on a tour of the store on Landsdowne. We spent the vast majority of our time in the fresh foods areas of the store. There were a lot of questions from alumni and it was good to see the variety of smart choices that can be made.

November – Sleepless  in Peterborough – Sleep Science and Hygiene

We all know about the link between health and sleep. One of our own graduates who is a professional pharmacist and a research fellow in a Peterborough clinic led this session on sleep. You can access the document at the link below.

Insomnia Presentation

December – Plant Based Whole Foods

Nutrition’s role in preventing, halting and reversing major disease systems in the body. This was an introduction to information that will support the February meeting with a Cardiologist. The group watched the movie Forks over Knives and enjoyed some delicious heart healthy appetizers. For grads who have not seen the movie you can watch it if you have a Netflix account.

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