My Learning From The Nutrition Tracker

This is my progress evaluation, my learning from my week of using the nutrition tracker. First and foremost I really had fun doing this. The reason it was fun is that I had to challenges myself to plan meal items. I will freely admit that I ate a little more of the Heart Healthy Foods and a little less of the Heart Havoc Foods. There is a human nature aspect to the tracker as people always tend to “expect what they inspect”. This principle forces you to put some effort into habit change. The main battles for me with the Heart Havoc Foods were desert and chips. While I am not a regular desert eater, my wife is, so she wants it (I don’t) but when you are at your mother in-laws place and she serves it you eat it! The challenges with the Heart Healthy Foods for me were the lentils and ground flax. I mean who eats lentils regularly? I will wait until Marissa gives me my score for the week but will share three tips from my week. I made lentil soup and lentil stuffed peppers. Both were delicious and the soup ensured I got a generous helping of tomato and kale. I have always eaten oats every second day. It was dead simple to add a small portion of chopped walnuts. I like a “smoothie” after my morning work out so berries every day was easy and I added flax meal to the smoothies. Quite unexpectedly I dropped two pounds as well!

I wold love to hear from others on their experiences. You can share by commenting on this post. The link below will take you to the web page with the tracker if you have not had a chance to use it yet.

Nutrition Tracker

Author: Cardioman


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