Yoga: A gateway to healthier habits?

Popular culture often depicts yoga as an exercise for slender, flexible, younger people. But scores of people — including older men and women — have been practicing yoga for hundreds of years. Today, yoga’s popularity among the general population continues to rise, along with evidence supporting possible benefits for people with heart disease. The following is a quote from a doctor at the Harvard School of Medicine, neuroscientist Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa

“The beauty of yoga is that it addresses multiple factors that underlie heart disease, whether you have chest pain from narrowed heart arteries (angina) or an irregular, fast heartbeat (atrial fibrillation), yoga can cultivate physical changes that may improve these and other cardiovascular conditions.

Join us November 10th – Wellness Center 1:30PM

Our session on November 10th should be informative and fun. We have chosen a chair yoga format to accommodate folks of all mobilities and appropriate social distancing.

Our session will be led by Alan Sergeant of the Wellness Center and he has prepared the following agenda for us.

  1. Belly breathing exercise followed by the introduction of the theme of the class which is: Using Yoga to Improve Your Cardiovascular and Mental Health
  2. “Arm Chair Exercises” followed by The Eight Guidelines for Practicing Hatha Yoga Safely and Effectively
  3. “Leg Chair Exercises” followed by the Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga
  4. Body Awareness Scan followed by Dr. Dean Ornish’s lifestyle approach to reversing heart disease
  5. Breathing Exercises followed by the Yoga Prescription for heart and lung health

If you need a Zoom link for this meeting please contact me by e-mail

Author: Cardioman


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