Next Steps Program

For those of you looking for an ongoing connection with an Exercise Therapist, easily accessible education modules and ongoing informative information you should seriously consider joining the Next Steps Alumni Program offered by the Central East LHIN Cardiac Rehab Team. Think of this as a continuance of your rehab program, an additional tool to help you stay on track with your heart healthy lifestyle.

The video below is a Utube presentation on the program. I strongly encourage you to register. We will be working in tandem with Next Steps, combining local programming from our peer group with the capabilities of the wider Next Steps regional program.

Stay tuned for more information on our evolving relationship with the Central East LHIN program.

Author: Cardioman


One thought on “Next Steps Program”

  1. The Next Steps program from the LHIN is well worth your investment of time. I urge you to register and begin enjoying the exceptional benefits and learning aids offered in this excellent program.


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