This is a free application website that can be used to monitor not only the amount of food you are eating but also the quality of that food. You can use the tool to assist in weight management. The tool helps you determine what your daily calorie intake should be to maintain your weight. It adjusts the “budget” for calories allowed by factoring in the amount of exercise you are doing. It goes way beyond calories though and helps you with budgets for things like protein, sugar, carbs, fat and so on.

The true power of the website is that it will help you set realistic goals for weight management and also highlight where you may have opportunity for improved nutrition. I offer my example. I have been using it for a few weeks and it has helped me to lose 11 ponds, but perhaps more importantly it helped me to identify;

  1. A surplus of “sugar” in my diet
  2. A deficit of protein

I highly recommend that you at least check it out by visiting the Live Life Well page on the website.

Author: Cardioman


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