“First Weigh In” Resolutions Group Off To A Good Start

6 of 7 in the group want to lose 65lbs in total

After about three weeks the group has dropped 13 pounds with one of us laid up with some back pains. So we are content with our start but know there is continued effort ahead. Here are some of the things we are doing differently.

  • Cutting out the afternoon snack unless it is a veggie.
  • Eating healthy foods throughout the day to eliminate eating a big dinner in the evening.   Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner.  This way I am not really hungry at dinner time and overeating. 
  • Cut my wine consumption in half.
  • Still watching in between meals and snacks also cutting back on some meats when dinner time comes around.
  • Mainly I have tried to cut down the size of portions that I eat.  Have increased my step count and Zone Minutes (Heart Rate Zones). I have also tried to get outside every day for a walk
  • I have stopped buying cheese.

Author: Cardioman


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