Someone – who should probably remain anonymous – told me that he had recently made not one, but two errors when posting to our page. What did he get wrong, you might be asking? His email address, that’s what! That’s almost as bad as forgetting where you live or having to check your wallet or purse to find your driver’s license in order to remember your name.

‘Can you post something,’ this person asked me in an email this afternoon, ‘can you post something that pokes some fun at my forgetfulness and gives our members a laugh?’

It was a challenge too good to pass up.

So, there’s the cartoon at the top of the page. Task complete.

Oh, one more thing.

This person also asked if I could post the following email address. He said that readers of our recent website posts will know what to do with it. So here it is.


Editor’s Comment. Jeez – after typing that address, I can see why the heck he couldn’t get it right. Wouldn’t mh12@gmail.com be easier to remember, my friend?

Author: dherald2013

Don Herald is an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group in Peterborough, Ontario. He is the volunteer Chair of Education Programs for this group. A retired social worker and organizational consultant, Don now enjoys writing short fiction. He is the co-founder and active member of the Writers' Group of Peterborough.

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