Weight Loss Targets

What should my target be for weight?

The answer to this question is very subjective and depends a lot on each individuals situation. Your gender, age, muscle mass, bone structure and body type can profoundly affect what is realistic for you. Still, I personally knew I needed to have a goal for me and I was looking for some objectivity or science to guide me. I looked at BMI calculations and I did not like the answer it gave me, and, ideal body weight (IBW) calculators were turning up numbers I Knew I could never achieve (like sub 150 pounds!) I came across a tool that made a lot of sense for me. A chart showing body fat ranges for different categories and a calculator you can use to determine your individual starting point. I have put a link to this tool at the bottom of this post but let me explain how I used it.

I used the calculator to determine my body fat % estimate to be 33%. The calculator also said, “Due to different body types in the population, your body fat (Cardioman) can be between: 30.1-36.8 %“. I next looked at the chart and isolated what the midpoint of normal body fat would be. This turned out to be 21%. So this told me I needed to lose about 1/3 of my body fat. Based on my starting weight that meant I needed to lose 23 pounds! This established my goal weight for me.

Try the calculator and see if it is helpful to you in establishing a goal.


If you need help with this tool, please send me an e-mail.

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