Cannabis – Send me your questions about it…

Bryce Miller is a pharmacist and an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group. He is very knowledgeable about the medicinal and non-medicinal uses of all forms of cannabis. Bryce will be answering your questions at our June 13th meeting.

Bryce would like you to send him some of your questions about the use of cannabis products in advance of our meeting next week. There is no question too silly, too naive, too anything.

Please send your question(s) to the following email address:

Our Zoom meeting next Wednesday, June 13 begins at 130 pm. We plan to end about 3 pm but, depending on our discussion with Bryce, we may go a bit later, ending for sure, no later than 330 pm.

See you there.

Don Herald

Author: dherald2013

Don Herald is an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group in Peterborough, Ontario. He is the volunteer Chair of Education Programs for this group. A retired social worker and organizational consultant, Don now enjoys writing short fiction. He is the co-founder and active member of the Writers' Group of Peterborough.

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