Mini Talks Are Back!!

One aspect of rehab that I found particularly helpful was the education provided by the weekly mini-talk. They were also a big part of my volunteer experience, keeping me current and learning new information when it became available. Necessity being the parent of invention, the Central East Regional Cardiovascular Rehab has had to create a way to provide the rehab program “on-line”. The Cardiac Rehab team has been working towards offering live events as part of their virtual/home program. I just did the Chair Yoga session and it was great! As Grads we are more than welcome to join the live sessions!

Visit the website at the link below;

Central East Regional Cardiovascular Program

and then click on JOIN US LIVE – VIEW SCHEDULE

You can check each week to see the schedule and pick talks that interest you.

Refer A Friend

If you have neighbors, family or friends that you think may benefit from rehab, please refer them to this website. They can view “Is Rehab Right for You?” They can contact the program directly or use the referral form to ask their family doctor about it.

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