All of us in the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group have been confronted with the realization that we have cardiovascular disease. Some of us have had a cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke. Others have had heart surgery – bypass, stents or both. A few of us have had neither an event or surgery; you’re with us to learn more about cardiovascular disease and how to adopt heart-healthy habits in order to avoid a cardiac event or surgery.

In our March 11th meeting, we want to hear about your physical and emotional symptoms and reactions after you were told you have cardiovascular disease. More importantly, we want to hear about what you did or are still doing to manage the physical and psychological ‘fall out’.

Once again, Don will facilitate a safe ‘share and learn’ discussion about what physical, feeling and lifestyle strategies work for us and why. This will be good opportunity to hear and learn from other’s experiences while sharing your own.

As usual, this session will be held at the Wellness Centre beginning at 1:30 pm.

Yeah, I know the photo with this post doesn’t really fit the message, but it’s mid-winter and all of us could use a good giggle. Besides, isn’t humour one of the helpful strategies some people use to banish the blues when confronted with the realization that you’ve got cardiovascular disease?

Author: dherald2013

Don Herald is an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group in Peterborough, Ontario. He is the volunteer Chair of Education Programs for this group. A retired social worker and organizational consultant, Don now enjoys writing short fiction. He is the co-founder and active member of the Writers' Group of Peterborough.

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