Hi everyone. Our previously published Educational Program calendar has been removed from the website. An updated version will very soon be posted for your reference and convenience.

In recent weeks, it’s sometimes felt like I was herding cats! An almost impossible task! I’ve had to make a few changes in our published calendar as topics need to change, dates need to be switched and our planned resource people are not available.

While most of our original schedule has remained intact, a few of our planned event topics have changed. I think we are very close to having the revised schedule confirmed by all parties. In other words – all our known cats have been successfully herded for your healthy heart benefit.

Watch for news of our revised event schedule coming to your Inbox in the coming days.

Don Herald – Chair – Heart Healthy Education Program

Author: dherald2013

Don Herald is an active member of the Cardiac Rehab Alumni Group in Peterborough, Ontario. He is the volunteer Chair of Education Programs for this group. A retired social worker and organizational consultant, Don now enjoys writing short fiction. He is the co-founder and active member of the Writers' Group of Peterborough.

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