Newest Recommendations on Dietary Strategies for Cardio Vascular Health

The information below was excerpted from the October 9th, 2018 Canadian Medical Association Journal. The recommendations come from a group of medical practitioners whose mission is to harmonize guidelines for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in primary care. We will be discussing their dietary recommendations at our December 12th meeting. We will confirm location within a week.

We will have the assistance of two Registered Dietitians as guest speakers. The dietitians are being provided by the Peterborough Family Health Team as part of their desire to sponsor our efforts in the Peterborough community. More information will be provided to you on this sponsorship as details firm up over the next couple of months.

Dietary Recommendations 

  1. To prevent hypertension and reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adults; consider reducing sodium intake toward 2000 mg per day.
  2. We suggest that all individuals be encouraged to moderate energy (caloric) intake to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and adopt healthy dietary patterns to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease;
    • Mediterranean Dietary Pattern
    • Portfolio Dietary Pattern
    • Dash Dietary Pattern
    • Dietary Patterns High in nuts (greater than or equal to 30 g /day)
    • Dietary Patterns High in legumes (greater than or equal to 4 servings /week)
    • Dietary Patterns High in olive oil (greater than or equal to 60 ml /day)
    • Dietary Patterns Rich in fruits and vegetables (greater than or equal to 5 servings /day)
    • Dietary Patterns High in total fiber (greater than or equal to 30 g /day) and whole grains (greater than or equal to 3 servings / day)
    • Low glycemic load or low glycemic index dietary patterns
    • Vegetarian dietary patterns
  3. People with Diabetes should be offered timely self management education that is tailored to enhancing self-care practices and behaviors.
  4. Overweight or obese patients
    • A dietary plan for improving health of obese patients should be part of an overall weight management strategy
    • A comprehensive healthy lifestyle intervention is recommended for people with overweight or obesity
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