Get up, get moving, and exercise your way to a healthier mind

We have all been told about the benefits of exercise for heart health and body strength. I saw this article on the McMaster University website on healthy aging. It discusses the benefits of movement on the brain and our cognitive abilities. You can view the article by clicking on the link below;

Brain Benefits From Exercise

We will be discussing activity at our November meeting. Staying active and resistance training were the two areas we felt as a group we needed to focus on more. Here is a summary of our self reflection survey. Please come prepared to have an open conversation on your activity ideas.

The group as a whole were confident they were staying on track in the areas in green below, the yellow areas had some opportunities for getting back on track but not bad. The areas in red had the broadest opportunity for getting back on track.

Medications Compliance
Staying Smoke Free
Managing Blood Pressure
Managing Blood Sugar
Keeping Alcohol Consumption within Guidelines
Heart Healthy Diet
Aerobic Exercise
Stress Management
Resistance Training
Active vs. Sedentary



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