Cardiac Medications and Non Prescription Alternatives

icon-newOur April 11 meeting will be at the YMCA on Alymer at 1:30 PM. Two grads team up for a healthy discussion on medications and alternatives to medication. Our own Bryce Miller will talk about cardiac medications, their uses, benefits and side effects. He will focus on the medications you identify in the confidential survey below. Blogman Mike will present alternatives to medication based on his research from experts in exercise, diet and health professions. There are patients that can choose to reduce or eliminate their medications through lifestyle change (based on expert research). There are also times when that option is not possible.

When you click on the link below it will take you to a Google Form. Simply tick the medications you have been prescribed and then Submit at the end of the survey. It is confidential.

Confidential Survey

As always we would like to get an estimate of attendance. Please let us know by completing the form below.



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