What’s New

Some new links for hiking, walking and fitness in the Peterborough area have been added to the Staying Active page. There is also a very interesting cardiovascular fitness survey you can take. This survey will compare you to norms for your gender and age group. It bases your CV fitness on the bodies ability to circulate and use oxygen through out the body (VO2). You can access this survey directly from the link below (it only takes 3-4 minutes). It is completely confidential. The survey also calculates your maximum heart rate based on age and gender. This is only an approximation. To get an accurate target heart rate you should base it on a stress test conducted by your medical team. After you complete the survey it may prompt you to explore opportunities to improve your fitness. There is a high intensity interval training regimen that is presented as an option. As always you should consult your medical team if you have any doubts about your ability to do this type of exercise.

Fitness Survey and Comparison to Norms

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